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Duct and Electrical Tape

Duct tape features a coating that permits easy release from its roll for a fast, neat application. Duct tape is ideal for sealing, patching, sound dampening, and water-proofing. Electrical tape is flexible and pliable to conform to irregular surfaces, and is resistant to the sun, water, oil, acids, and more.

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Seal and water-proof a variety of items and surfaces with Emedco's Duct and Electrical tapes.
Our Duct Tapes come with a natural rubber adhesive that allows for reliable waterproofing and hold. With a polyethylene-coated cloth material, you get excellent bond strength, making these duct tapes useful for a variety of purposes.
Emedco's Electrical tapes feature a pliable, 7-mil. thickness that makes it easy to apply on different types of surfaces. For additional versatility, these electrical tapes are manufactured to resist the effects of weathering and exposure to harmful chemicals.

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