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Underground Warning Markers

Underground warning tapes and markers identify utility and electrical lines, pipes, and more to make them noticeable to surveyors and utility workers, and to help prevent accidents from digging in areas with hidden hazards.

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Underground warning tapes are made from durable, 4-mil thick polyethylene or aluminum (which can be located with a metal detector) and should be buried about 1 ft below the surface, above the underground line. The printed message repeats every 30.

Marking whiskers use APWA utility-code colors for easy recognition and can't be covered up with blowing dust or dirt. They're durable enough to spring back into position if run over by lawn mowers, graders, or heavy equipment. They can be installed with wooden stakes or 60-penny nails, and come in packages of 25 whiskers.

Location flags are made from 4-mil, fade resistant plastic and withstand ultraviolet rays. The flags are 4x5 and are attached to a 30, 15-gauge steel staff that will flex in the wind but not break. They come in solid colors and can be custom printed with your company's name or a message.

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