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Protect your property with bollards and bollard covers

Crashed glass entrances and ruined plant boxes are never fun. Protect your property from vehicular impact with sturdy bollards from Emedco.
Bollards are ideal for use in parking lots, plants, warehouses, or roadways. Place them near machines, buildings, racks, cylinders, flammables and more to protect them from damages due to collision involving vehicles. More importantly, bollards act as a line of defense against forced vehicle entry. Most banks, government offices, corporate headquarters, and other high-risk establishments today make it a point to include heavy-duty bollards in their list of security must-haves.
If you need to conceal existing, damaged bollards or enhance the appearance of your facility and grounds, Emedco also has a great selection of bollard covers and bollard sleeves for you to choose from. So why go farther? We have them all here for you.

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Protecting your establishment from vehicular crashes without hurting its aesthetic side can be a difficult task. Here's a trick then: let Emedco do it for you!
A line of properly-positioned bollards is a reliable defense against vehicular damages. Outside, bollards act as a building and security barrier in the event of cars, trucks, and other vehicles getting out of control. Damages from such vehicular accidents can reach millions, particularly in scenarios where the vehicle crashed into the entrance, got inside the establishment, and destroyed everything that's in the way. In warehouses where forklifts and pallet jacks are an everyday sight, using bollards is also the best way to avoid damages to inventory, including expensive machinery and manufactured products.
Bollards are durable to resist impact, but numerous dents and scratches will definitely take a toll on how they look. You can use bollard covers or bollard sleeves to give your old bollards a new look and protect them from further damage. Emedco's decorative bollard covers give an upscale look to parking lots, driveways, entrance ways and more. Our standard bollard sleeves can clean up the look of old or damaged bollards. You can choose from standard yellow, red and white bollard sleeves. Reflective bollard sleeves are available as well for added safety.

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