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Super-Stik: Your Additional Layer of Safety

If you are tired of safety labels falling off from time to time, here’s the good news: Emedco’s new Super-Stik adhesive is now available!

Super-Stik brings safety labeling to a whole new level. With its excellent press on convertibility, quick tack characteristics, and peeling resistance, you can attach labels on almost any surface. Say goodbye to potential accidents that are caused when safety labels peel off hazardous machines and chemical containers.

Super-Stik adhesive ensures your label won’t peel off even from irregular or dirty surfaces.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why Super-Stik adhesive labels can help keep your workplace safe:

Super-Stik adheres to textured or irregular surfaces, such as wood and concrete. Be it machine panels, chemical containers, or wooden boards, trust Super-Stik to cling onto all of them. 


• Forget about dirt, grease and grime, Super-Stik attaches even onto the most stubborn surfaces. No cleaning required! Just peel the film off and stick your label right away. Unlike other adhesives, Super-Stik adheres in seconds. Talk about saving time!


Super-Stik does not wear off easily. It stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements.


• You can apply it on surfaces that have a minimum temperature of 50 F, and it will hold on in areas that get as cold as -20 F, up to 140 F. Super-Stik works for both indoors and outdoors.


Super-Stik labels have a polyester coating that protects them against weathering. Rest assured the print on your labels won’t fade, even after long exposure.


Safety should always be your top priority, and one way you can promote it is by posting safety labels in hazardous areas. However, specialty signs and labels are only as good as their visibility, so make sure your safety labels serve their purpose by staying put. Upgrade to Super-Stik now and enjoy a safer work environment.Only $4.99 per label pack.

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