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Stock Abbreviated Worded Brass Valve Tags

Brass valve tags for effective valve identification.
  • Valve Tag Spec Sheet available.
  • Available in stock legends for a wide range of applications.
  • Manufactured from 1-1/2" round, rust-resistant 20 gauge brass featuring a 3/16" hole.
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Stock Abbreviated Worded Brass Valve Tags


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Stock Abbreviated Worded Brass Valve Tags

  • Available with 1/2" stamped and black ink-filled numbering only, or 1/4" stamped and filled legends plus 1/2" stamped and filled numbers.
  • Stamped brass tags can withstand temperatures up to 1200° F (ink fill up to 233° F).
  • Has an average lifespan of 3-6 years when used outdoors.
  • Custom worded brass valve tags also available.
  • Use Emedco Tag Fasteners to attach to designated valves
Text Legend AC (Air Conditioning), AIR, CHW (Chilled Water), CHWR (Chilled Water Return), CHWS (Chilled Water Supply), COND (Condensate), CW (Cold Water), CWR (Cold Water Return), CWS (Cold Water Supply), DCW (Domestic Cold Water), DHW (Domestic Hot Water), FP (Fire Protection), GAS, HPS (High Pressure Steam), HTG (Heating), HVAC (Heat Vent Air Conditioning), HW (Hot Water), HWR (Hot Water Return), HWS (Hot Water Supply), LPS (Low Pressure Steam), Numbered Only, PLBG (Plumbing), SPR (Sprinkler), STM (Steam), Water Pipe (WP).
Number Sequence 001-025, 026 - 050, 051-075, 076-100, 101-125, 126-150, 151-175, 176-200, 201-225, 226-250, 251-275, 276-300, 301-325, 326-350, 351-375, 376-400, 401-425, 426-450, 451-475, 476-500.



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