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Surveillance, Crime Watch, Parking Lot Signs

Let intruders know that your serious about your workplace and facility security. Crime watch surveillance signs warn all employees and visitors of facility surveillance ensuring smart and safe behaviors. Keep your workers safe, healthy, and productive with durable surveillance signs. Surveillance signs come in three materials; aluminum, steel and polyethylene and are available with a duroshield topcoat lifetime guarantee. Ensure safety and security throughout your workplace and post the sign that best fits your needs from our large selection.

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Crime watch and surveillance signs help create a safer and more secure atmosphere wherever these are used.
Surveillance and crime watch signs remind individuals that you have taken steps to protect your property. This, in turn, helps discourage would-be criminals from attempting any criminal behavior. Emedco's line of surveillance and crime watch security signs feature popular security legends including Notice All Activities Are Monitored, Bilingual Area Under Surveillance, Warning Neighborhood Watch and so much more.
Use our crime watch surveillance signs in parking lots, parks, in and around your neighborhood and in other places.

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