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Plastic Tag Seals

Plastic tag seals stand out and give extra information while ensuring a tight seal. Tag seals are available in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure security. Choose from perma-lock tag, sealed contents tag, sealed dates tag, standard numbered plastic write-on seal tags, perma-lock square tag, see supervisor before breaking tag, and many more!

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When you want to identify the item being sealed while providing security at the same time, Emedco's Plastic Tag Seals are what you need.
We carry a full range of plastic tag seals for use in a number of applications. These include Jumbo Custom Tag Seals that let you add your own customized instructions, company logo and other details to the tag portion of the seal; Plastic Write-On Seals that allow you to write a more personalized message; Sealed Contents Tags that feature an easy-to-read message and are ideal for reminding personnel to be aware of broken seals and Perma-Lock Tags that feature a blank write-on area for more customized labeling needs.
These and a lot of other plastic tag seals for your tagging and sealing needs are all available at Emedco.

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