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Flat Head Metal Seals

Add another layer of security to your property with Emedco's flat head metal seals.

Flat head seals easily fit through narrow slots and spaces, making them ideal for freight cars, storage bins, drum lids, cargo shipping containers, and more. Made of durable material, Emedco's metal seals will stay put and get the job done. Our flat head seals feature printed or embossed wordings, ideal when you want added security and more accurate record keeping. You can also choose to have them numbered for inventory purposes. For a more personalized touch, we even provide custom seals.

With Emedco's flat head metal seals in place, you don't have to worry about your cargo, drums, or trucks getting tampered.

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Prevent cargo and storage bin tampering with the help of flat head seals from Emedco.

Property theft and tampering is just one of the many problems often faced by warehouses and other business facilities. In any company, stolen or damaged property readily translates to an increase in expenditures and loss in revenue. You can prevent this by making sure that your property is well-defended against tampering and theft. Lock container bins, trailer doors, tank valves, drum lids, and cabinet doors and latches with flat head seals.

Made of high-quality metal, Emedco’s flat head seals help ensure that no one tampers with your cargo. These seals are also perfect for cargo shipping, wire and cable marking, equipment inventory control, and tagging.

Choose between standard and custom variants! Custom flat head metal seals can be printed with your company name and a control number for easier cargo tracking. Standard flat head seals, on the other hand, may come with wordings like SEALED and DO NOT REMOVE on them. Aside from convenience, these metal seals are also recyclable, making them kinder to the environment.

Looking for something else? Emedco’s wide range of security seals also includes plastic seals, heavy-duty pull-snug seals, drum seals, spring-hinge seals, bi-directional seals, and grip-tight seals. We also have C-TPAT-compliant seals that will get your cargo through customs and security much faster. Check out our seals guide to help you pick the right security seals for your needs.

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