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Metal Ball Seals

Metal ball seals have a unique design with double locking rings that permanently engage to create a tamper-proof seal that is stronger than plastic. Ball seals are thin enough for hard-to-fit spots. Ideal for ocean containers, sprinkler systems, tractor trailers and much more. Apply metal ball seals easily without tools.

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Locking and sealing objects in hard-to-access spots and tight areas is now easy with Emedco's Metal Ball Seals.
Made of recyclable material, these metal ball seals help secure your cargo easily. Like other kinds of metal security seals, these are available in different colors. Ball seals can also be customized to fit your specific needs and to carry your company information on them. Choose custom ball seals with a different colored ball or ones with balls in the same color as the band. Standard metal ball seals from Emedco can have SEALED or DO NOT REMOVE text on them.

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