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Wire Seals

When you need something secured, you don't want it to be tampered with. That's why wire seals are what you need to protect against everything from heavy use to deliberate sabotage. Mere plastic and nylon seals can't do that.

Steel wire seals, with their metal ties and strong fastening, will resist wear and tear as well as discourage tampering, theft and vandalism. Wire seals come in a variety of metals, such as copper and aluminum, to better suit individual needs -- thanks to qualities such as lightness and corrosion resistance.

Make sure to select Emedco when you want a truly durable, long-lasting solution to your security and safety needs.

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Every business has to deal with the issue of unsecured goods and equipment. Deal with your issues in a way that lasts by using wire seals from Emedco to secure the deal.

Use a wire seal to give you a security and safety solution that lasts in the long term, untroubled by regular wear and tear, and resistant to vandalism, thievery, and sabotage. They are ideal when nylon and plastic seals are not strong enough to handle heavy loads or not secure enough to be trusted in potentially risky environments. Wire seals are good to pair with loose equipment or containers that will be used and reused repeatedly.

Emedco's wide selection of wire seals includes a number of different material options to suit your needs. Choose Stainless Steel With Aluminum Wire Seals for maximum durability and resistance to the elements while minimizing on weight.

For a hassle-free experience try out Tool-Free Wire Seals, which require no special tools to apply. Simply tighten the dial and you're secure.

Whatever the kind of wire seals you choose, make sure Emedco is your partner when you set out to secure your property. Emedco is the industry leader in providing security and safety solutions, and we offer far more than seals of all types. Check out our wire seals as well as the rest of our diverse selection with a 24-hour shipping guarantee!

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