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Immobilization Devices and Accessories

Discourage illegal parking with parking immobilization devices and accessories. Use our vehicle wheel lock to secure any vehicle in 5 seconds making it impossible to move until released when either law enforcement officials or a tow truck arrives. Other parking immobilization accessories include immobilization parking tickets, which help enforce your parking rules by detailing the exact violation and the consequences of parking illegally in your lot. Parking immobilization devices and accessories show you are serious about security in your parking lot!

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Immobilize vehicles or issue immobilization notices with products from Emedco.

Use our vehicle tire lock to immobilize vehicles, making them impossible to move if someone has parked illegally on your property or in your parking lot. Then communicate your policies and/or issue fines with our immobilization parking tickets.

Pair these devices with our parking permits and parking permit signs for a complete parking-lot system.

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