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Plastic Hanging Parking Permits

Designate spaces for authorized vehicles with plastic hanging parking permits

Plastic hanging parking permits easily identify vehicles authorized to park in lots. Detect unauthorized vehicles in parking spaces without visible permits, and improve identification of authorized vehicles at a glance. Designed for long-lasting performance, our plastic parking permits won't chip or warp. They're removable and modestly sized, so they won't obstruct views. Available with or without numbering, our plastic hanging parking permits come in several designs, colors, and styles, including write-on Parking, Employee, Numbered, and Blank Hanging Parking permits.

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Keep unauthorized vehicles from parking in designated parking slots with the help of Plastic Hanging Parking Permits.
Plastic hanging permits by Emedco are available in a wide range of shapes, designs and colors to set them apart from other parking permits. These plastic tags help you easily point out the authorized vehicles inside your parking lot. These plastic parking permits can also come with or without numbering.
Designed for a long service life, our plastic parking permits won't chip nor warp. Parking permit log books for keeping track of these hanging parking tags are also available from Emedco.

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