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Cardstock Hanging Parking Permits

Identify vehicles authorized to be in parking lots with cardstock hanging parking permits

Cardstock hanging parking permits allow easy identification of authorized vehicles in parking lots. Distinguish authorized from unauthorized vehicles by issuing cardstock hanging parking permits that are visible, removable, and won't obstruct views. Ideal for monthly, yearly, or frequently changing permissions, our cardstock hanging permits work well for temporary use since they're affordable and easy to change. They come in a variety of colors, numbered and un-numbered styles, including Handicapped, Perforated, and even
Custom Cardstock parking permits.

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If you constantly change your parking permits every month or every year, Cardstock Hanging Parking Permits may be your best choice.
Cardstock Hanging Parking Permits from Emedco are good for temporary use . These permits are used to mark authorized vehicles inside your parking lot, helping you see which cars are not supposed to be parked in your lot.
Available in different colors and designs, Cardstock Hanging Permits are cheaper than other parking permits made of different materials. This parking tag can come in Custom designs and in perforated versions as well. Numbered and un-numbered permits are also available at Emedco.

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