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Safety Training Programs and Software

Safety training programs and software are great tools to effectively educate employees on a variety of topics. Emedco offers safety training programs on numerous workplace safety subjects, such as forklift safety, hazard communication and lock-out, tag-out procedures. Proper safety training reduces the risk of OSHA violations and Worker's compensation claims by keeping employees informed of safety procedures. Our safety training programs are easy to understand and appropriate for all types of workplaces.

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Training programs and software from Emedco are perfect when employees have access to computers for their use in a facility.
Unlike thick guidebooks that take a lot of time to search through, safety training computer programs enable employees to check and cross-reference resources with just a few clicks. You can find forklift use and certification modules, right-to-know-safety training and lock-out/tag-out training on our list of available training programs and software. Training programs in print are also available for those who need to conduct workplace safety training classes out in the field. Complete training kits with additional completion certificates and videos are also available at Emedco.

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