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Valve Marking

Emedco valve markers eliminate accidents and injury and are available in a variety of styles and custom options. Valve markers attach directly to valves, knobs and controls for critical identification and safety. View our Valve Tag Selection Guide to help you choose from aluminum, brass, stainless steel or plastic tags. We also sell blank valve markers that can be customized with steel stamp sets.

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You might think that all Valve Marking Tags are the same. You might be surprised to find out that although Valve Tags serve one purpose, and can be similar in appearance, there are quite a few variations. Emedco carries a wide selection of Valve Marking Items such as Customizable Valve Tags that can be worded with your specific wording, abbreviations or numbering to allow for clear visibility in your facility. Various Tags for Valves include:Write-on Valve Tags, Plastic Valve Tags, Metal Tags, Engraved Tags, Stamped Tags, Tags that are square, oval and round Tags, Custom Valve Tags and a whole lot more.
At Emedco, you can find a Valve Tag regardless of the valve's size, condition, contents or location.

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