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Welding Face/Head Protection

Welding face and head protection is important for welder safety against intense light, hot slag or sparks, irritation and chemical burns, and even radiation that can cause injuries and disease.

Emedco's full line of welding face and head protection products include welding caps or helmets and welding goggles. Designed for quick or long welding tasks, our products offer excellent features and warranty at low costs, ensuring you're getting your money's worth.

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Welding head and face protection is essential in remaining injury-free when working in hazardous welding work environments. Welding injuries can lead to disabilities and even fatalities if not prevented. Some common welding injuries include arc eye, and burns.

Also called welder's flash, arc eye is caused by intense ultraviolet (UV) light, produced by the arc ray. Its symptoms include teary eyes, sensitivity to light, and the feeling of dryness and a burning sensation in the eyes.

Arc eye and other welding injuries affecting vision can be avoided by wearing proper welding head and face protection. Always stay safe and choose from our wide range of welding helmets and caps, and welding goggles.

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