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Welding Clothing

Safety welding clothing are important for protecting welders from weld spatter or sparks, flames, metal splashes and even radiant heat and ultraviolet radiation, all of which can lead to injuries while working.

Made from flame-resistant natural fibers or heat-resistant leather, Emedco's welding jackets, sleeves and aprons offer excellent value. Our wide selection of welding clothing ensures welders are comfortable and well protected, while allowing them to work efficiently in superior style and quality.

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Welding clothing is important for protecting workers from possible welding injuries in the workplace, such as burns, electrical shocks and arc radiation. Arc radiation is an injury wherein welders develop sunburns from intenses ultraviolet (UV) light.

Emedco offers a full line of welding clothing that includes welding jackets, aprons, sleeves, pants or chaps, and overalls, made from oil-free, flame-retardant cotton and leather. Our products are compliant with ANSI and OSHA regulations, and are designed to prevent welding sparks from landing on your workers' skin and clothes, which potentially causes injuries and fires.

Put safety first and get our low cost, high quality welding clothing now.

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