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Protective Sleeves & Aprons

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires wearing protective clothing, such as safety sleeves and aprons when working in environments where hazards can't be minimized using other safety means.

Well-designed protective clothing protect the body from workplace hazards, such as cuts, scratches and flame sparks that cause injuries. Emedco offers safety sleeves and industrial safety aprons that ensure workers are protected from harm, while guaranteeing comfort and ease with its durable, supple and breathable materials.

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Safety aprons and sleeves are effective protection against chemicals and other substances that when exposed to can cause potential harm to workers. When exposed to hazardous substances, employees can experience adverse health effects or undue discomfort.

Emedco provides industrial aprons and sleeves that serve as additional substance splash protection for the chest and forearms. These products are ideal when there's a low possibility of full body contact with hazardous substances. As such, it's best to use safety sleeves connected permanently or temporarily with safety gloves, or wear them over non-encapsulating suits for high level protection.

Check out our full line of chest protection aprons and forearm protection sleeves to avoid workplace contamination.

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