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Flame-Resistant Jackets

The Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) requires workers to wear flame-resistant clothing to protect against flame-related hazards, which are common in manufacturing and other industries. Emedco offers a full line of low-cost products that minimizes the risk for workers to suffer from burns and other fire-related injuries while welding or doing other industry-related tasks. Designed for complete upper body protection, comfort and durability, our flame-resistant safety jackets satisfy OSHA regulations, while meeting all your workplace needs.

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Safety jackets are essential in remaining uninjured in hazardous welding work environments. This type of safety clothing offer protection against safety risks, like electric arcs, which are one of the most serious electric workplace hazards. Emedco’s flame resistant welding jackets provide a tough protective outer layer that keeps you and your clothes safe and secure. When worn with long-sleeved shirts with the cuffs, pockets and collars buttoned, these jackets also offer protection against radiation. Made of oil-free, flame retardant 100% cotton, our products are heavy, making them harder to ignite, but comfortable enough to allow great ease of movement. Get our flame retardant jackets for excellent value now.

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