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Safety Ear Muffs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require workers to wear safety ear muffs as an alternative or in conjunction with protective ear plugs to lessen harmful work noises that reaches 85 decibels or higher. Our full line of quality safety ear muffs from leading brands, such as Peltor and Howard Leight reduce or block sound levels before reaching your employees ears, ensuring their protection against any possible hearing loss or damage.

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Safety ear muffs are important when working in environments where engineering controls aren't feasible for reducing or blocking out loud noises that cause hearing loss or damage. These products serve as ideal alternatives to ear plugs, but can also be worn in conjunction with them for a more effective loud noise protection solution. When used together with ear plugs, they can protect against noise levels above 105 decibels. Emedco provides protective ear muffs that cover the entire outside of the ear and feature headbands that allow the wearer to adjust them for a more comfortable and secure fit. Check out our wide selection of Peltor™ and Howard Leight® ear muffs, recommended for industrial workers and shooters.

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