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Hearing Protection

As an employer, you are required to provide your workers with proper hearing protection, if they have to work in environments with loud noise. We carry a full range of hearing protection devices, for many different types of work environment. Specific devices include ear muffs, ear plugs as well as a number of hearing protection accessories and even bulk ear plug dispensers. All our ear protection equipment can help you meet OSHA hearing protection standards.

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As with other workplace safety concerns, hearing protection is very important, maybe even more so, compared to other hazards. This is because far as workplace hazards go, loud noise is more insidious compared with other hazards; unless the noise is loud enough to cause discomfort, one may not consider this cause for concern._Hearing damage is actually cumulative. Being continually exposed to loud noise (greater than 85 decibels) for extended periods of time without hearing protection can eventually damage your hearing. So be sure to provide your with the proper ear protection equipment, as well as educating them on the dangers of exposure to loud noise.

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