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Safety Headwear

Safety headwear is ancillary headgear designed to enhance your standard head protection equipment. We offer headwear that is meant to address other common workplace hazards such as extreme cold and high heat. Some examples of these are winter liners, which can keep your workers warm when working in the cold, or Rawhide Frontier Doo-Hat which is designed to absorb excess sweat when working in hot environments. Provide these safety head wear to your personnel and add another layer of safety to your operations.

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Safety headwear, like winter liners, doo-hats, and balaclavas are often worn underneath hard hats and other protective headgear. Currently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not have an ordinance regulating the use of these equipment. This means your workers can certainly wear extra headgear to help keep warm in cold climates, or to absorb excess sweat in hot work areas.However, OSHA also states these ancillary equipment should not diminish the effectiveness of your workers’ hard hats, helmets or other head protection equipment. Therefore, it is highly recommended your workers use safety head wear specifically designed to be used with hard hats.

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