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Head Protection

Provide your workers with head protection when working in areas where there's a danger of injuries to the head. Our range of protective headgear includes hard hats, bump caps and other similar equipment designed to protect personnel not just from falling objects, but also flying debris. We carry high quality headgear manufactured by industry leaders like Bullard, MSA and others that can help your operation meet OSHA head protection safety standards.

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When one thinks of head protection in an industrial setting, the hardhat is the first equipment that comes to mind. As long as your hard hat meets applicable safety standards (like ANSI Z89.1-1986, for example, one of the standards for general and maritime industry), this will provide proper protection against falling objects. When considering protection against impact, hard hats are classified into 2 types, namely Type I and Type II:

Type I hard hats provide protection from blows or impact from the top of the head only.
Type II protective headgear provide protection from impact from both the top and the side of the head.

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