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Fall Protection Accessories

Keep fall protection accessories handy and keep your personnel ready for any situation when working in elevated areas. Accessories include equipment such as carabiners, necessary for connecting one equipment component to another; or push-through eye bolts ideal for confined space work, and many more. As with our other of fall protection products, we offer accessories manufactured by the leading names in fall protection.

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Carabiners are one of the more common fall protection accessories. Carabiners are a common connection device for positioning systems. Since these pieces of equipment are small and easy to store, it's not a bad idea to have an extra one handy. That being said, carabiners can improperly used. Please avoid the following:

Never attach more than one carabiner to a D-ring.
Never allow the gate of the carabiner to take the load of your weight.
Always use a carabiner that's compatible with the D-ring to which it's going to be attached.
Do not attach 2 carabiners together.
Always check if the carabiner is closed and locked.

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