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Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection equipment such as lanyards, harnesses and anchors are necessary safety tools for personnel who have to work in elevated areas and locations. Emedco offers a wide selection of fall protection equipment by industry leaders like Miller, FallTech and DBI Sala. Not only will these protective equipment ensure your workers are always safe, these can also help you comply with OSHA fall protection standards, thus assuring the viability of your business.

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Considering that falls account for a large number of grave work-related injuries and death, it's no wonder that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) takes fall protection very seriously. In fact, OSHA requires fall protection be provided at elevations of just four feet for general industry.

As for the fall protection systems themselves, OSHA lists 4 classes of fall safety equipment:
Class 1 - includes body belts, which are used for positioning; not to be used when fall hazards exist.
Class 2 - includes chest harnesses, which are used for limited fall hazards, and excluding vertical free falls.
Class 3 - includes full body harnesses, used for severe free fall arrests.
Class 4 - includes suspension belts.

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