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Safety Glasses

Our range of safety glasses is designed to give you and your employees the utmost safety and comfort when performing potentially hazardous tasks like carpentry and maintenance work. Not only that, a large number of our eye safety glasses are stylishly designed, encouraging your employees to actually wear them. We carry protective glasses from respected brands like Uvex, Crews, AO and more. If your operations need eye protection, you will find them here!

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Nowadays, a number of safety glasses look a lot like sunglasses, in terms of design aesthetics. In fact, you could pretty much wear a pair of protective glasses (those that feature dark lenses, of course) out in the street and no one will be able to tell the difference.This design trend is not by accident. One potential issue with eye protection – and with ppe in general – is actually getting your workers to wear them, which is why comfort is an important consideration when choosing protective wear for your operations. With eye protection, consider choosing those that feature a stylish design. This factor may help ensure your workers actually wear their protective glasses.

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