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Eyewear Accessories

Emedco's line of eyewear accessories includes items that can help extend the service life of your protective eyewear, as well as equipment designed to further enhance its effectiveness. For the latter, we offer lens cleaning stations, necessary to properly clean your glasses' lens. Accessories that can enhance your eyewear's effectiveness include sideshields. These attach to the temples of your glasses, thus adding another layer of protection to your safety eyewear.

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It’s important to regularly care for your protective eyewear, to ensure these provide your workers with proper protection. For example, regular cleaning ensures workers are able to see clearly. Cleaning can also expose equipment wear and tear, letting you know if these should be replaced. Keep cleaning solutions and wipes handy in your workplace, for this purpose.Other eyewear accessories you may want to consider providing your workers are sideshields and eyewear cords. The latter helps prevent the loss of your equipment. The former can enhance the protection capabilities of your safety eyewear by attaching onto the equipment’s temples, thus enhancing coverage.

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