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Eye Protection

Emedco carries a full range of eye protection products designed to help keep your employees' vision safe. Besides our wide selection of eye protective equipment such as safety glasses and goggles, we also carry a large number of safety signs designed to remind your workers of eye protection requirements in a given work area. All in all, our inventory of safety equipment and eye protection signs are what you need to both protect your workers and comply with safety standards.

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It's worth noting that while it's important to provide your workers with eye protective equipment, selecting the correct equipment for your operations is just as important. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for its part suggests the following factors be considered when choosing the right eye protection safety equipment:
The equipment should provide adequate workplace hazard protection.
These should be relatively comfortable to wear.
Your workers' vision and movement should not be restricted by the equipment.
The equipment should be easy to clean and reasonably durable.
The eye protective equipment should not restrict the functionality of any other PPE concurrently being used.

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