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Floor Marking & Non-Skid Tape

Mark floors with non-slip tape to add traction and help prevent accidents

Floor marking tape is effective for delineating forklift lanes and work areas, while anti-slip tape is beneficial for preventing slips, trips, and falls. Use one or both of these options to warn workers of workplace hazards and reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage. Our floor marking and anti-skid tapes are durable, waterproof, and highly visible, making them ideal for highlighting emergency exit paths. Available in multiple materials, colors, sizes, and grades, our selection includes anti-slip tapes & strips, vinyl arrow warning tape, high-intensity exterior warning tape, and generic floor marking tapes.

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Reflective tapes come in three levels of reflectivity, and you can choose solid tapes or warning tapes that have OSHA compliant headers.

Anti-slip tapes and strips also come in several varieties, including standard grit, warning tapes with OSHA headers, waterproof, and reflective. We carry multiple sizes, colors, and grades of both strips and tape. Most anti-slip tape adheres to a clean, dry surface.

Glo-Mor tapes light up instantly during a power outage, making it easy to see floor markings and exit paths in an emergency and they last for over 6 hours.

Vinyl tapes can be used indoors or out, and come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes so you can keep color and pattern coding consistent throughout your facility.

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