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Floor Safety Signs

Floor signs, floor safety decals, floor safety stickers and labels are used to mark aisles, passageways and point out safety equipment and exits. Provide on-the-spot safety messaging and help prevent slips and falls with Emedco's wide variety of durable floor safety signs.

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Floor safety signs improve safety in the workplace by warning workers of possible hazards. They come in different types. Standard floor markers and floor safety decals are perfect for heavy foot traffic. They're self-adhesive and made from vinyl - the clear, anti-slip overlay resists wear.

Cold Adhesion floor markers will stick to surfaces between 0 and 50 degrees F to help prevent against slips and falls in freezers, unheated warehouses, and outdoor storage areas.

Heavy-Duty floor markers which are made of Lexan which work well for vehicle traffic as the coating won't peel or lift when vehicles turn. Graphics are subsurface printed to withstand abuse and they won't chip or crack. Lexan floor markers also resist chemicals and solvents.

ToughStripe floor markers are also heavy-duty products made of durable polyester with an anti-skid overlaminate that can resist heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

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