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Shower - Eyewash Units

ANSI-compliant emergency shower/eyewash systems help you prepare for accidents and emergencies in your facility. Emergency shower and eyewash stations provide a concentrated flow of water to flood away chemicals, acids and contaminants from the body, including the eyes and face. Choose from a variety of eyewash and shower unit styles with different features and bowl types.

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Shower-Eyewash Units from Emedco combine both an emergency eyewash station and an emergency shower unit.
This unit is ideal when you have space issues and cannot accommodate two bulky units in your facility. This shower and eyewash system was made so that you'll only need one piece of equipment instead of buying two. The emergency eyewash unit, which includes a sink, and the shower are attached to the same post to save space.
Individual shower units without eyewash attachments, available in either horizontal or vertical orientations, are also available at Emedco.

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