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Emergency Drench Hoses

Emergency drench hoses are a versatile method of emergency treatment for any facility. Eyewash units and drench hoses offer relief with powerful yet gentle streams of solution that not only rise the eyes and face, but any area of the body. Emergency eyewash units and drench hoses provide flexible use for any industrial area.

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Everyone knows that an emergency eyewash station is a must-have in any facility and is mandated by government regulations.
Combination emergency drench hoses from Emedco are the combination of two workplace safety staples - an emergency eyewash station and a drench hose. An emergency drench hose is suggested when you need to wash out a part of the body when taking a shower would just use too much water.
These combination emergency drench hose and eyewash units, available at Emedco, ensure that your employees get to wash out irritants not only from their eyes, but also from their bodies, whenever needed.

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