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Handicap Parking Signs

Meet ADA standards for accessible parking with handicapped parking signs

Handicap parking signs identify reserved spaces for individuals with disabilities. Satisfy the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal and state requirements for accessible parking, and support drivers with disabilities by posting ADA-compliant handicap parking signs. Available in various formats, our handicap parking signs include Handicap Reserved Parking with Double Arrow, Handicap Parking Only - Symbol, and state-specific handicap parking signs.

The ADA requires one handicapped parking space for every 25 spaces. If areas have more than 500 parking spaces, the ADA requires 2% be designated as handicapped parking. For over 1,001 spaces, the ADA requires 20 spaces plus one for each additional 100 spaces over 1,000. The ADA also requires van accessible handicapped parking. For 1-200 parking spaces, one van space is required. For 201-500 spaces, 2 van spaces are required. For over 500 spaces, the ADA recommends providing additional van spaces.

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