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Speed Bumps and Humps

Parking lots are not the place to go very fast, which is why your facility's lots need the help of speed bumps and humps. Speed control and proper traffic enforcement is not only good policy; it's the law and a critical aspect of regulatory compliance. Any facility, work site or office space with a substantial amount of parking space will need to use speed bumps and humps to control the multitude of vehicles that enter and exit their lots on a daily basis.

Choose speed bumps and humps from Emedco, the industry leader in providing safety solutions and parking management tools, to rein in the speed and bring up the safety wherever parking needs to happen.

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As the old saying goes, speed can kill, and that is not a thing you want affecting your facility. Enhance your traffic control capabilities by using speed bumps and humps to regulate speed and driver behavior. Don't let impatience, aggressiveness, or road rage ruin your lot's safety record.

Choose speed bumps and humps from Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security solutions, and forget about the hassle of constant maintenance and headache of installation. Plastic Speed Bumps are easy to deploy as needed to control traffic effectively and are highly durable. They'll stand up to harsh outdoor conditions and never need onerous repainting, even in areas that use ice-melting salt.

If the semi-permanent usage of plastic or rubber speed bumps and humps is not for you, consider employing Modular Speed Bumps, deploying them instantly where they'll do the most good. Use modular speed bumps around special events, emergency situations, temporary construction or renovations, or hazardous elements like spills, accidents or fires.

No matter what your traffic management situation calls for, Emedco has the solution for you. From speed bumps and humps to traffic signs, barricades, banners, and personal protective equipment, Emedco is your one-stop shop. Partner with Emedco in providing safety and security solutions for your business and benefit from our 24-hour shipping guarantee!

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