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Designated Smoking Area Signs

As public anti-smoking laws are ascending, the need for designated smoking area signs are rising as well.

Smoking actually poses many potential hazards, including stray sparks, litter, worker health issues, and productivity loss. Because of these potential problems, it is better if you will encourage your smoking employees to congregate in specific areas in your office, so as not to annoy non-smokers or potentially cause issues in working sites. Workers in potentially hazardous areas, such as flammable chemical plants or near explosive gases, need to be reminded of the danger.

Use Emedco's wide selection of No Smoking Area signs to keep smokers from endangering themselves and others. Contain smokers efficiently and hassle-free.

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The continuing popularity of smoking has considerable implications for the modern workplace, and the demand for a designated smoking area is growing. In addition, separating smokers from the non-smokers, who may be affected by second-hand smoking, is now more important than ever.

For this, you should employ useful No Smoking Area signs, in conjunction with clear and comprehensible health and safety policies in your facility. Signs like the Designated Smoking Area Sign will make sure smokers, when smoking, are separated from non-smokers and from potential hazards like volatile chemicals, combustible materials, or sensitive equipment.

Use designated smoking areas and Smoking Area signs to ease maintaining your facility. Employ signs to indicate cigarette butt disposal in key areas, minimizing cleanup time and confining smelly fumes to a small area.

Emedco's wide selection of designated smoking area signs is just a small part of its diverse offerings. We lead the industry in safety and security solutions, so count on us to help you deal with smoking issues without resorting to draconian bans or inconvenience.

Keeping your facility safe and secure from smoking pollution is just one aspect of running a productive and efficient operation. Emedco is here to help you!

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