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Pavement Marking Tape

Parking lot pavement marking tape resists fading, chipping and peeling and can be driven on immediately after applying. Pavement marking tape is highly reflective for superior visibility day or night.

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A convenient way to create or refurbish center lines on roadways is by using Parking Lot Pavement Marking Tapes.
Pavement marking tapes are easier to apply and require no drying time compared to conventional paint - simply apply the primer and attach the marking tape. Our selection of pavement marking tapes include foil-backed pavement marking tapes for high visibility even at night and yellow square marking tapes. We also offer Tac primer pavement marking tape, necessary for a more permanently attached marking tape.
Use our pavement marking tapes to mark roadways, parking lots as well as industrial facilities. Wherever these are used, these tapes will surely help create a safer atmosphere for everyone.

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