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Picnic & Folding Tables

Add attractive folding and picnic tables to beautify grounds and encourage interaction

Picnic and folding tables enhance ground beautification and encourage social interaction. Create a socially welcoming atmosphere in common break or picnic areas at parks and facilities. Ideal for outdoor patios, facility grounds, and parking areas that require durable outdoor furniture, our UV- and weather-resistant outdoor tables and seats come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles, including classic Rectangular Picnic Tables.

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What is a park without picnic tables? At Emedco, we offer you a wide range of picnic tables and more for your park beautification and practical needs.
Our selection of parking lot and grounds tables are exactly what you need to create that family-friendly atmosphere within your park or grounds. Choices include square and rectangular picnic tables and portable round picnic tables.
Also available are round and rectangular blow molded folding tables, ideal for family picnicking in grounds that do not have tables, as well as blow molded and injection molded folding chairs.All our parking lot and grounds tables are made of durable, weather-resistant materials.

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