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US and State Flags

Put your company's patriotism in full display with US Flags and State Flags.
Inspire your workers with our nation's greatest symbol for freedom, power and glory. Trust Emedco to provide you with a quality selection of flags perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Each of our flags is lovingly handcrafted with pride in the U.S.A. Our flags feature vibrant colors, quadruple stitching and long-life seams for long-lasting use.
So demonstrate your company's nationalism and pride by choosing the best U.S. and state flags and accessories from our top of the line offerings below. Display them in front of your building, in your lobby, or put them on top of your desk!

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United States flags from Emedco are a great way to show off your company's patriotism and pride in the workplace.

The American flag is not just a symbol of nationalism and pride. It is also the country's way of portraying itself to the rest of the world. It is a national icon of the United States and should always be dealt with care and respect.
Here at Emedco, we offer both indoor and outdoor U.S. and state flag models which are all handcrafted with great attention to detail, ensuring a product worthy of your sense of state and national pride. Our State flags for all 50 states are fully detailed featuring strong oak poles and gold-plated bases.
Aside from U.S. and State flags, Emedco also carries a great selection of flags and banners for your facility. Our bold and brightly colored banners, feature motivational messages on general safety, housekeeping, accident awareness, and teamwork, among others. Display them in and around your facility to remind employees of work ethics or safety.
Whatever you choose, you'll find that all of our flags and banners are made to the highest quality standards right here in the USA. So look around our website today and choose the right flag or banner for your needs!

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