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Pole Banner Bracket Systems are ideal for hanging vertical banners on lightpoles and more. Strong enough to keep your banners in place even in high winds, the banner arms flex transferring some of the wind load off of the banner. Available in various arm lengths, Banner brackets can be purchased to hold one or two banners.

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If you are having a hard time figuring out how to mount your pole banners, Emedco has the pole banner bracket system for such a need.
Versatile and durable, our pole banner bracket systems let you attach your vertical banner to lightpoles, flagpoles and other areas. Specially designed hardware also allows you to mount your banner bracket on square, round or multi-sided poles. Aluminum construction makes these banner brackets durable and resistant to corrosion and harsh conditions.
Also available are spring arm banner brackets designed to bend up to 60 degrees, preventing pole warping. Our double banner brackets allow for the mounting of two banners onto one pole. Ideal for use on lightpoles found on roads and two-way streets.

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