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Padlock Labels

Padlock labels feature a warning message to remind employees to be safe and lock-out. Padlock labels are permanent and won't peel off the padlocks so your message stays secure during repeated use. Padlock labels feature pre-printed warning messages or blank write-on areas for specific safety messages.

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Padlock labels are not just lockout tagout accessories, but are also important safety reminders for any lockout tagout program.
Emedco, the leading source for safety products, offers you a full line of padlock labels which are great for your specific lockout tagout applications. We carry highly-visible security tags with messages such as PROPERTY OF, DO NOT OPERATE, LIFE IS ON THE LINE, and many more. Our company also carries bilingual padlock tags and padlock customization options to get your personalized safety message across to everyone.
For your many lockout tagout needs, turn to Emedco, your one-stop source for your many safety needs.

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