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Plug Lock-Outs

Electrical plug lockouts protect against unauthorized use of equipment. Plug lock-outs available from Emedco are master oversized plug and hoist control cover, master rotating electrical plug lockouts, 110 volt plug lock-outs, and universal plug lock-outs, plug out lock-out devices.

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Protect your workers from injury due to the accidental start-up of machinery.
With Electrical Plug Lockouts, you can be sure that electrical plugs are secured to prevent their being reconnected to an electrical source.
Here at Emedco, we carry a wide range of quality electrical plugs for all of your lockout tagout program applications. Choose from our many plug lockouts like the Standard Universal Plug Lock-outs for plugs up to 600 volts and the Warning Universal Plug Lock-out that comes with a warning message on instruction labels. Also available from Emedco, Rotating Electrical Plug Lock-outs that are ideal for use in confined spaces.

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