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Fuse Pullers

Even simple fuse work can be deadly without the proper electrical tools. Arm your workers with Emedco's fuse pullers and prevent electrical injuries!

Be it at work or at home, some electrical repairs would need you to remove or replace fuses. Although doing so does not require specific tools, it is still wise to always be on the safe side and use fuse pullers. Fuse pullers let you safely remove and replace fuse cartridges with ease. There are many makes and sizes to choose from, but here's a tip: Pick fuse pullers that have the proper size and feature comfortable grips.

Browse Emedco's page of electrical fuse pullers today and find out what works best for you.

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Provide your workers with a safer way to deal with fuse cartridges at work. Emedco's topnotch fuse pullers will let your employees handle fuse work the safe and easy way.

With electrical fuse pullers, you are protected from any electrical shock, burns, or bending fuse slips. These tools are made of non-conductive material that protect against stray electrical currents. They are also quite handy when dealing with fuses in cramped spaces like those in cars. With the right size of fuse pullers, you can tackle any tough fuse situation.

Note that there are two types of fuses: cylindrical glass fuses with metal ends and flat blade fuses. Some fuse puller tools are good only for one fuse type, so make sure you use the correct one. Choose fuse pullers that are pocket-sized for best convenience. Small fuse pullers can be easily brought anywhere, and they can practically be a staple in your electrical kit. Also, take care to use fuse pullers with notched, no-slip handles for safety and ease. For additional safety, it will also not hurt to use some lockout devices when doing repairs.

Emedco offers you a great selection of electrical fuse pullers and holders such as our Safe-T-Grip fuse puller that helps in easy removal and replacement of fuse cartridges. For added security, some of our fuse holders even come with a test light for testing fuses with.

Everything you need for safe electrical repairs are here at Emedco.com.

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