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Life® OxygenPac

Clean and dependable oxygen supply during emergency situations.
  • Life® OxygenPac is perfect for resuscitating non-breathing patients and providing clean oxygen to people who have trouble breathing.
  • Easy to use with just an on/off lever.
  • Unit features a Life® resuscitator mask for a "mouth to mask" resuscitation with one-way valve.
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Life® OxygenPac


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Life® OxygenPac

  • Oxygen supply is refillable by gas distributors to help save on additional costs from buying a new unit.
  • OxygenPac is able to supply oxygen for as long as 90 minutes at 6 LPM.
  • Units with 6 and 12 LPM flow are also available.
  • Life® OxygenPac is wall mount ready.
  • Handy and portable to partner with first aid kit for a complete first aid response.
Includes 6 and 12 LPM Flow, 6LPM Fixed Flow.



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