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ToughWash® Labels

ToughWash® labels are Emedco's latest addition to our range of safety labels. Designed with the food industry in mind, but certainly useful in any work environment, ToughWash® labels are designed stay attached onto any surface despite repeated exposure to hi-pressure washing and scrubbing, typical of food and beverage processing plants. Apply ToughWash® specialty labels onto the sides of tanks, conveyor belts, vats and any surface requiring safety labeling that needs to last a long time.

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Maintaining a high degree of cleanliness is paramount to the success of any food and beverage processing plant. This requires regular wash downs using methods that can destroy safety labels. Unfortunately, areas requiring this type of cleaning include conveyor belts, holding tanks, and other equipment that need to be labeled for safety.

It used to be once a label is destroyed you simply attach a new one. With Emedco's new ToughWash® labels, you no longer need to worry about damage from wash downs since these labels can withstand just about anything you can throw at them, from high-pressure water to caustic detergents, to scrubbing. Not only will these tough labels stay on, they will stay legible helping your plant stay safe!

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