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Specialty Material Labels

Our new line of specialty material labels are designed for areas and situations where regular labels just won't do. Work areas that are subjected to regular and aggressive wash downs for example, require a label that won't fade, or otherwise be washed away after only a few cycles. For this situation, we carry ToughWash® safety labels, designed to stay attached to surfaces that are subjected to high pressure water and scrubbing.

Using the right safety label for the right environment ensures personnel are well-informed of various workplace hazards. With this in mind, we at Emedco are introducing our latest range of adhesive labels - specialty material labels. These safety labels use new, advanced materials allowing you to label areas that would otherwise be difficult - or costly.

One good example is food and beverage processing plants. In order to maintain a high degree of cleanliness, food and beverage plants undergo regular, aggressive wash downs - the kind that can easily destroy regular labels, or render them ineffective. Our new ToughWash™ specialty labels are designed to withstand harsh wash downs, caustic cleaners and scrubbing without fading or tearing.

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