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Filler Metals

When it comes to welding, you simply can't do it without proper filler metals that seal joints. A welder without filler metals isn't doing any welding. This is where we come in.

To ensure the highest quality of welding and secure the integrity of any joint or seam, don't skimp when it comes to your selection of welding filler metals for your rod. Poor-quality filler metals may crack, erode, rust or lose cohesiveness before long. Choose only high-quality, proven filler metals when welding or brazing to save both work and lives when and where it counts.

Weld in safety, security and excellence with filler metals from Emedco, the leader in safety and security solutions industry-wide.

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Never forget that most essential component of a proper welding job: filler metals. Without filler metals and welding rods, welding or brazing simply cannot take place, making them a critical tool that any welder should have handy. The diversity of welding wires and metal types available also should be taken into account when selecting for a job.

To minimize on fumes, waste, and flux usage, consider selecting Gas Welding and Brazing rods for your next welding job. Flux-coated filler metals and welding rods can reduce the need for extra materials and increase your welding efficiency.

The health and quality concerns related to using inferior flux paste is also an important factor to check. Flux Paste from Markal does not contain zinc chloride and employs materials that are not acidic, leaded or fume-prone. It is also highly compatible with soft solders and washes out quickly from water pipelines, thanks to water solubility. Detergent action that cleans the filler metal as it fuses also makes each join more smooth and secure. Choose the right filler metals for every welding or brazing job, and choose Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security solutions, as your welding partner!

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