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Combination Wrenches

When busy times call for applying torque to turn different objects, you need to keep a dual-functioning combination wrench handy.

Combination wrenches are a mishmash of an open-end wrench and a box-end wrench. The former comes with a U-shaped opening that holds two opposite sides of a nut or bolt, while the latter, dubbed as "the king of wrenches", consists of an enclosed opening.

Combination wrenches will help you loosen or tighten nuts from bolts. These indispensable hand tools will give you that added grip and mechanical advantage.

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Wrenches come in varying sizes, styles, torque loads, and sets to fit your specific industrial needs. But why invest in two separate tools when you can have one that does the job of two?

Combination wrenches will make your job easier. To effortlessly turn a standard hex head nut or bolt, use the box end as it makes contact with all six points. When the fastener becomes loose, you can switch to the open end to give you added visibility.

Emedco offers a huge selection of combination wrenches that works on varying surface areas. Choose the combination wrench that matches the size of the nut or bolt you are working on to alleviate stress on the fastened corners.

If you need a safer solution to apply more torque to your fasteners, then pick Proto® - Torqueplus™ 12-Point Combination Wrenches. Its unique arc design increases surface contact, while its anti-slip design and locking groove prevents slippage and knuckle injury.

Repair and maintenance jobs are no sweat with complete and effective tools at hand. We at Emedco understand this, so we give you nothing but the best.

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