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Nothing handles any cutting job like a good pair of snips. Check out Emedco's selection of high-quality snips and find one that works best for you.

When it comes to cutting stubborn metals, snips are the perfect hand tools and any skilled worker can attest to this. Use snips on screens, downspouts, hardware cloth, fabricated shingles, carpeting, and more. Unlike industrial scissors, you can also even utilize their hard jaws as a lever.

Emedco carries bulldog, offset and aviation snips from well-known manufacturers such as Irwin® and Cooper to make sure that what you get gives the best value for your money. Shop from us - you'll be getting best deals in the market.

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A trusty pair of snips is hard to find. But with Emedco here to help you, finding the right one is a piece of cake.

Emedco offers the finest snips for those hard-to-cut sheet metals. We have a large selection of these cutting tools in different styles for different applications such as offset, bulldog, aviation and more. These hand tools are designed to provide fast and effortless cutting. They also come with textured grips for better control.

Browse through our products and you will see that Emedco trusts only the best in the industry. For smooth cuts, take Irwin aviation snips which have less serrated lower blades and dual durometer soft clasps (TPR) for maximum control that reduce hand fatigue. Irwin offset snips, meanwhile, are equipped with super-strength alloy steel spines that resist bending despite great pressure, and an E-Z close latch and lip which allows one-handed opening and closing. For complex tasks, choose Cooper’s bulldog snips that feature a heavy-duty molybdenum steel jaw handy for lever works.

Emedco’s selection of hand tools include not just snips, but also almost everything you need. From saws and sanders to welders and hammers, we have it all here in Emedco.com. Stock up now and make sure that your facility has all the essential tools for a fast and efficient work.

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