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Shears and Scissors

Having trouble cutting metal sheets, tough wires, fabric or even paper? Don't worry, there's nothing a good quality pair of industrial shears can't handle!

A trusted pair of scissors or shears is necessary to your facility's day-to-day operation. Imagine the frustration of trying to cut tough wires with a blunt shear. Over time, this becomes a hassle and affects work quality. Avoid this by making sure you get the right shears and scissors for the job. With a variety of cutting tasks a shear has to handle, it's best to know what materials you will be cutting to determine what type of scissor can cut it best. Here at Emedco, we offer you a trusted line of industrial shears for all your cutting needs.

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Cut and trim with ease by choosing the best shears and scissors Emedco has in store for you.
Trust us to not only provide you with a quality shear selection but also help you in choosing the best industrial shearavailable. Buying your shears can be overwhelming as there are a lot of choices; different brands, different lengths, and different styles. So before you make that purchase, check out these tips.

The right shear size varies from one person to the other. It doesn't necessarily depend on the size of your hand, rather on how comfortable a shear's weight and length is when you use it. Buy quality shears that will last a long time. This way you don't have to keep on replacing damaged shears but instead buy other shear types for other cutting purposes. Speaking of quality shears, check out our Cooper Hand Tools Wiss® - Inlaid® Heavy Duty Industrial Shears and Cooper Hand Tools Wiss® - Inlaid® Industrial Shears. We use only top quality cutlery steel in manufacturing our industrial shears to ensure our shears and scissors are sharper and stronger than other brands.

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