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Shears, Scissors and Snips

A pair of trusty scissors is perhaps the most indispensable hand tool in any facility. In fact, they are so important that day-to-day operations won't flow smoothly without one. From papers and fabrics to metal strips and tough wires, the right pair of scissors or shears can handle them all. At Emedco, you'll find high quality bulldog snips, heavy-duty industrial shears, aviation snips and much more. Browse through our line of industrial snips which are available in both straight and offset configurations. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect pair of scissors for all of your facility's needs.

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With Emedco's scissors, shears, and snips you can expect a clean and smooth cut, every time. All of our scissors are made from rust-proof steel, which means they offer excellent durability. Here are some of the most common types that can be spotted in warehouses and industrial facilities:- Regula scissors. Otherwise known as paper scissors, regular scissors are commonly used for cutting thin, lightweight materials such as paper, thin cords, and fabrics. - Carton shears. Carton shears are mainly used for cutting cartons and boxes that are too hard or thick for regular scissors. Their handle is usually longer than the blades, which are pointed. - Leather shears. Compound-action snips, or aviation snips, are ideal for cutting tough materials. They can be used on up to 18-gauge aluminum, 24-gauge mild steel, and 26-gauge stainless steel.

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